Wiki Student Profile Directions:
After you’ve been added to the site and are able to login, you should be able to add to and contribute to the site. Your first contribution will be a brief profile about you. Before the first class meeting, please go to the site and click on the Students page for your section of the course. Once there you should see a link with your name (first name and last initial). Click on your link. This will take you to a blank page. Once there, click on the Edit button at the top of page (please note you must be logged in to edit the page). This will open the page in what looks like a pretty basic word processor. On this page, please include the following content for your profile:

- Your name, content area, and specialization area, if applicable (e.g., biology, history, Spanish, etc.)
- Insert a picture of yourself by clicking on the File button on the toolbar. This should allow you to browse to a picture on your computer to upload. Once the image is uploaded you can click on it and the picture will be added to your page.
- Three key qualities that you hope to embody as a teacher
- A brief synthesis of what you see as the key opportunities and challenges of technology use in the classroom
- One thing you hope to learn in the class.

When you’ve added this information, please click Save. If you're using Internet Explorer, this can sometimes cause difficulties in editing. If you have another Web browser installed (e.g., Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), you might try that. If you have any questions about this process or run into any trouble, please let me know. I’m happy to help.


Audra V.
Coral C.
Douglas T.
Edgar H.
Edward B.
Elizabeth E.
Ellen J.
Emily G.
Heather H.
Heidi S.
Jenny H.
Joanna C.
Jordan T.
Julia R.
Leah R.
Livia G.
Megan S.
Morgan D.
Rachel R.
Zachary P.