School Technology Inventory

Before you can begin to plan for technology integration in concrete ways, it will be immensely helpful to find out what you will have available to you in your placement school, both in terms of technology tools and resources and support for technology in your teaching. To assist you in getting "the lay of the land," I've created a Tech Inventory sheet for you to complete. You will submit the information you have collected via this Google Form. You will submit your answers to the reflection questions on the course Blackboard discussion board.

You can download the School Technology Form to edit it on a computer or print to bring with you.

  1. The first page is based primarily on your observations.
  2. You should complete the table on the second page first by talking with your cooperating teacher and then fill in any gaps by talking with the ITRT, library media specialist or other technology support person in your school. You may want to connect with other students from W&M also placed in your school so that you don't unnecessarily bombard the tech person with multiple student teachers asking the same questions.
  3. Submit parts steps 1 and 2 to the Google From.
  4. Then complete the assignment by responding to the final three reflection questions with a paragraph for each on the course Blackboard discussion board.