Research Reports Summary

There is a lot of research and reporting available that explores different aspects of technology use in schools. In this assignment, you will explore a "curated" collection of research and news reports put together by William and Mary professor Dr. Mark Hofer and myself. Some of these links are summarized findings in blog posts or infographics, but with most you can go directly to the research study itself for more information. You should note that some of the studies are more rigorously designed and executed than others. I encourage you to think about these critically. The main purpose of this assignment is for you to get a "snapshot" or overview of different inquiries into educational external image arrow-10x10.png in schools today.

Please pick at least three of the research reports to examine. Choose based on what you find most interesting. You can explore three related reports or choose three different focal areas. Once you have read the articles, please create a 200 word summary posting on our course Blackboard discussion board in which you share a few highlights or interesting take-aways from the reports you selected. Please be sure to note which reports you explored at the start of your post. (Your sentences that list what reports you examined do not count towards your 200 word limit.) Please conclude your post with what you think the reports collectively suggest about technology use in schools today.

Please make every effort to get your summary post completed and in the discussion board by Monday night. (9/1/14)

While not required, I strongly encourage you to read each others' posts and add comments. Often it is these interactions that help you to develop your most meaningful insights. We will use these posts as a springboard for discussion in the next class.


1. Infographic: Kids of the Past vs. the Internet Generation
2. One Laptop per Child program not improving math or language test scores
3. As Teacher Use of New Technologies Has Spread, Have Most Teachers Changed How They Teach?
4. The Digital lives of Teens: Mobile is Now
5. Infographic: The Role of Technology in America's Classrooms
6. 10 Trends in K-12 Online Learning
7. Infographic: K-12 Technology Usage
8. K-12 Teachers Uncertain About How to Connect with Students and Parents via Social Media
9. Report: Schools Not Meeting Students' Technology Needs
10. Report: Students Use Smart Phones and Tablets for School, Want More
11. How Teachers are feeling about educational technology
12. Survey offers snapshot of BYOD in K-20

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