Personal Learning Networks Reading

It’s impossible to learn everything there is to know about educational technology (or teaching, for that matter) in a teacher preparation program. Not only is there already a vast array of options, tools, and resources; new possibilities are introduced every day. The only way to really keep up with these new possibilities is to become a life-long learner. The good news is that with the Web and the ability to connect and communicate with other educators in a variety of ways, you can develop your own professional development plan.

In this assignment, you’ll begin to develop a plan for a professional (or personal) learning network (or PLN) – a systematic strategy and toolkit for keeping with changes in education in general and technology specifically. To begin considering how PLN’s can support your professional learning, please read A Sustainable Start: Develop a PLN, 10 Simple Ways to Build Your Personal Learning Network, and this. As you go be sure to highlight strategies and tools that may be helpful in this endeavor. Also note questions or concerns that the reading raises for you. In class, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss these opportunities and challenges and begin a design of your own PLN.