The rest of class is going to be dedicated to you practicing your multimedia creation skills. By 6:05 PM you will have created some audio or video based product that summarizes what we have learned in this course to date as a means of practicing with multimedia creation tools.

Because everyone has a varying level of multimedia production skill, I am challenging you to do something that you have not tried before. For some of you, that may be making a video. For others it may mean incorporating green screen effects. Whatever it is, I expect you to use the remaining time in class to practice with multimedia tools. Mr. Pantazes is available to answer questions. Take advantage of his "expertise" along with that of your peers.

I already asked you to download Audacity and make sure you have MovieMaker or iMovie on your computer. If you feel comfortable using those tools consider exploring some of these other options.



__Realtime Board__

__Spider Scribe__


If you find another tool that meets the criteria of a multimedia production tool please add a link to it below. Then you can use it for this portion of today's class.

Finally, If you need some other inspiration check out these two articles from FreeTech4Teachers.

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