Pick an educational technology topic or theme that your group wants to research in greater depth. Then prepare a presentation on this topic for the other graduate students. You can work in no more than groups of 3.

Topics must be approved by Mr. Pantazes

Student groups will prepare:
  • Research bibliography
  • 5 minute presentation for the class on the topic with 5 minutes for Q&A
  • 1 page overview or summary of findings
  • Each student provides a 1 page reflective document that includes their personal view of the topic and a review of other group members contributions to the final products

10/22 - provide Mr. Pantazes with group topic and group members
11/5 - group provides Mr. Pantazes with an update on your research
12/3 - final touch base with Mr. Pantazes
12/9 - presentations and all elements of project due

10 points for presentation

10 points for overview

5 points for research bib

5 points for reflective document