What is a Flipped Classroom? What does a Flipped Classroom look like? In this week's readings you will learn the answers to these questions as well as reasons for flipping a class and the steps to take in order to do so.

As you read, take notes (Cornell style or other) briefly summarizing these key ideas and bring them with you to class (hand written or typed):
  • Definition of a Flipped Classroom
  • Reasons for/benefits of flipping
  • Role of the teacher and role of the students
  • What students do before, during, and after class
  • Steps to flipping a class
  • Holding students accountable
  • Assessing students
  • Technology used to support a Flipped Classroom

Also, formulate at least one question for discussion/teacher clarification related to Flipped Classrooms and include it with your notes.


1. "Flipping" a class - read all three sections:
  • What is the Flipped Classroom? (watch video and review chart)
  • Why are instructors flipping their classes? (read)
  • How do I flip my class? (open link to each of the five steps and read each step; videos optional)

AND (pick one)

2. The Flipped Classroom FAQ
3. The Flipped Classroom

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