Share the quote from your summary that Mr. Pantazes selected with everyone in your group. Then as a group try to identify the key theme or idea that is the common thread among your quotes. Be prepared to share this key idea with the rest of the class.

“there is a valuable lesson to be learned here; every teacher must first be aware of their personal technological skills before they can expect students to be able to use the same types of programs and software.” - Julia R.

“So as teachers, we must keep up with what are students are familiar with, but decide what devices and technologies we are comfortable using and how best to implement them in the classroom.” - Joanna C

Our big idea or key theme is: Teachers should be trained on how to use the different technologies they are supplied with as well as finding a comfort level for the types of technology they will use in the classroom. Teachers must always use discretion and know that the technology they use has to serve some sort of instructional purpose.