Share the quote from your summary that Mr. Pantazes selected with everyone in your group. Then as a group try to identify the key theme or idea that is the common thread among your quotes. Be prepared to share this key idea with the rest of the class.

“But solely having the equipment itself will not improve learning in the classroom.” - Jordan T.

"This article struck me as belonging in The Onion—I couldn’t believe the U.S. would send laptops and expect the recipients to know how to use them” - Laura A.

“This is a childish way of looking at technology in the classroom. Every student can figure out how to use a calculator or a word processor, but of course it will not improve their math or reading scores if it is not used to facilitate learning and expose the students to outside resources” - Coral C.

“that more technology does not necessarily lead to better or more effective teaching.” - Heidi S.

Our big idea or theme is:
You can't just throw technology at a problem, you also need other resources and training so that you can help the students learn more effectively. Teachers must consider the context of their technology use and whether or not its appropriate.