Share the quote from your summary that Mr. Pantazes selected with everyone in your group. Then as a group try to identify the key theme or idea that is the common thread among your quotes. Be prepared to share this key idea with the rest of the class.

"More technolgy in US schools will not solve the issues however; teachers need to be trained not only to use this technology but also to incorporate it seamlessly into lessons so that the technology can benefit the classroom rather than hurt it." - Ellen J.

“These articles collectively suggest that teachers need more training and instructional classes in order to successfully utilize social media and technology in the classroom.” - Liz E.

"without age appropriate software, staff lacking technological knowledge, and low quality education in under served communities, computers can not enhance learning alone" - Becky L.

“When teachers are not themselves knowledgable to teach efficient and effective use of technological learning tools, the significance of the tools disappears.” - Rachel R.

“If i was to pick out a theme among the articles it would be that teahcers don't know the best ways of using technology until they are taught or find out themselves.” - Wyatt

While I think it is including technology has the potential to enhance the classroom, I think there seems to be too much of a lack of knowledge and/or experience to properly integrate it into lessons.” - Megan S.

Our key idea of theme is:
Technology itself cannot solve the issues, the technology needs training and effective incorporation.