Share the quote from your summary that Mr. Pantazes selected with everyone in your group. Then as a group try to identify the key theme or idea that is the common thread among your quotes. Be prepared to share this key idea with the rest of the class.

"a disconnect between positive attitudes toward technology and the resistance to using it in the classroom" - Audra

"Many teachers do not feel as comfortable with technology as their students are. This leads to a decrease in technological usage in the classroom." - Morgan D.

"Although some teachers and students are cautious of excessive technological integration in the classroom, modern educators understand that is vital to implement technology in an effective manner, provided that they adjust for different teaching styles and class material. It is uncertain how these integrations can be consistently implemented." - Heather H.

Our Key Idea is: Teachers are not using technology in the classroom because of concerns about use value and their own literacies, even though they feel it has positive potential.