Copyright and Internet Safety Project (10 points)

Copyright & Fair Use can be confusing for students, parents, and teachers. Internet Safety is an area many of us take for granted. As future educators, we need to be able to communicate with our students, parents, and colleagues about both topics. Your task in this assignment is to create a “product” that will demonstrate your understanding of EITHER copyright and fair use or internet safety. This product will also satisfy the artifact requirement for the ISTE Standards for Teachers - 4 on the Educational Technology page of your eFolio. You will pick your topic (Copyright & Fair Use or Internet Safety), pick an audience (your students, parents, or teacher colleagues, but not all 3), and pick a medium (printed text on a handout, PowerPoint, Prezi, podcast, screencast, public service announcement, etc.) This product should be something you can actually use in your classroom to help you educate your chosen audience about the topic.

Submit your final product to the assignment area in Blackboard. Happy creating.

1. __A Fair(y) Use Tale__ (10 minutes)
2. A __good worksheet__ for students to work through when considering a use of a copyrighted material.

An additional __good website__ that also has some Copyright and Fair Use materials for your reference.


Proficient (20% for each item)
Competent (10% for each item)
Incomplete (0% for each item)
The product “pops”. It is engaging. If a document, the handout is colorful and includes well placed graphics. If multimedia, the audio and/or screencast are educational, interesting, and to the point.
While accurate and relevant, the product could be made more appealing to the reader/audience through the use of color, graphics, audio, or engaging text.
The product demonstrates little creativty in its presentation, style, and overall message.
Models ISTE Standard for Teachers 4
The product models ISTE Standard for Teachers 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
The product could be improved by a careful reading and modeling of ISTE Standard for Teachers 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
The product does not model ISTE Standard for Teachers 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
The product is written or produced to make Internet Safety OR Copyright accessible for either parents, students, or teacher colleagues.
It is somewhat unclear for which audience the product is intended.
The audience is not clear.
The product provides accurate and relevant information about either Copyright OR Internet Safety.
There may be one or two misinterpretations or the information may be somewhat unclear.
The product contains many inaccuracies.
The final product effectively employs technology to get the message across (ex. good use of graphics and design, good use of web based resources, effective audio and/or video).
The product is a bit flat, but could be improved with a more effective deployment of supporting technologies.
The product fails to use technology in a way that supports the message and intention.