"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." --Mark Van Doren

  • List steps involved in conducting a multimedia project with students
  • Identify the key elements in a good instructional video
  • Improve your video and audio editing skills

Mid-course survey
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MultiMedia Projects

Answer using a number (1,7, etc.) the question found on AnswerGarden.


1. What is a multimedia project?

2. What value do multimedia projects provide for our students?
  • higher order thinking - create
  • different ways to engage information (UDL)
  • Engaging (funner)
  • Creativity
  • students be teachers
  • applying content in a more realistic way
  • student choice
  • if its group work - learning cooperation
  • planning / time management
  • research skills - project dependent
  • practice / revision / plan b

Soapbox Break
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3. Use Social Q&A to answer this question:
What do we need to consider or plan for when doing a multimedia project with students? What steps do we need to take?

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5. What multimedia mediums are realistically available in our schools?

6. Tech Survey Data -

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8. Why is it important for teachers to have some skill in creating multimedia elements?
9. How do teachers improve their multimedia skills?

Media Creation Project

Improving your multimedia creation skills