Like any craftsman, learners should learn to use tools that are an optimal match between their abilities and the demands of the task. - CAST

  • Grades in Blackboard
  • Mid course survey

  • Define TPACK
  • Correctly identify TPACK component parts
  • Evaluate TPACK pairings for effectiveness
  • Practice breaking apart a lesson into LATs

TPACK: A way of Thinking
TPACK Website

Origins of TPACK
  • Lee Shulman
  • Matthew J. Koehle
  • Punya Mishra

Let's Practice.....(see the signs around the room?)

Randomized TPACK
In groups of five:
1. Have each person randomly select one slip of paper from each of the three piles (content, pedagogy, and technology)
2. Take turns letting each group member discuss why the combination would or would not be an effective coupling in the classroom.
3. Then put all the slips back into their appropriate piles.
4. Have each group member pick two from each pile and try to make the best combination they can. Again each person takes a turn sharing why they made the best combination they could make.
5. Finally, as a group create the two best combinations you can and be prepared to share them with the class.
Wrap-Up Statement:

What is a LAT? (It sounds like a bug...)
Structure of the Learning Activity Types

LAT Content Area Group Assignment