"Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision." - John Naisbitt

Tech Inventory - we look at the data next week
Copyright project
Check in

  • Match learning goals to the primary brain network connected with it
  • Identify UDL strategies
  • Analyze a content area lesson and provide additional UDL strategies
  • Evaluate technologies

What is that UDL thing again? (20 minutes)
1. Individually go to TeacherChannel.org and take two minutes to search through the videos available in your content area to find one ten minute or less video you think the group would want to watch and evaluate using the UDL framework.

2. Come back together as a group. You have three minutes to share the video you found with the group and come to a decision on which video your group will watch and evaluate.

3. Watch the video as a group. Then break down the lesson using the UDL framework. What UDL elements were done well? Where could UDL be strengthened in the lesson? Be prepared to share your findings with the other content areas.

4. If you finish early, you may begin working on the next assignment below.

Break it Down Now!
A. On your own, using the lesson plan you found and brought to class, identify the primary learning goal(s) of the lesson; if the goal is not stated explicitly, write your own for the lesson.

B. Identify the primary brain network connected with the goal(s)

C. Using the UDL Guidelines for the focus network, first identify UDL strategies already incorporated into the lesson, then identify 2-3 suggestions for additional UDL strategies

D. How does, or in what ways could technology maximize opportunities for a range of students to meet the learning goal?

E. Be prepared to share your efforts.

If you need further practice, you can work through the U__DL Goal Setter activity__

Express Yourself
Based on your survey results - here are your groups for the next assignment.

1. Explore "examples and resources" link under each __Checkpoint__
2. Explore **tools** that can help support different means of expression
3. Share one or two promising tools with a brief description (you decide how, but it has to be with the whole class)
4. Each group then develops a collaborative mind map with categories of tools and examples using MindMup
5. Then it will be time for one last share session.