Big Ideas in Educational Technology

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living. - Nicholas Negroponte

  • Explain the digital divide
  • Explain the didactic divide
  • Explain at least 2 implications of the digital divide
  • Articulate how you plan to address the digital divide in your classroom
  • Explain what you need to do for the School Technology Inventory

Purpose and Development of eFolio

Digital and Didactic Divide

A. On the Padlet wall answer the two questions.
B. Respond to the Google Survey about the most important Educational Technology Issue

C. Group assignment
Your group will be assigned one of the following articles to review individually. Then your group will collectively create a definition of digital divide. Finally, working together your group will prepare a product that clearly communicates the key points of your article to the rest of the class.
  1. Crossing the Digital Divide: Bridges and Barriers to Digital Inclusion
  2. Bridging the New Digital Divide
  3. Why It's so Hard to Close the Digital Divide in High-Poverty Schools
  4. More Than Half of U.S. Public Schools Don't Have Adequate Wireless Access
  5. Is Technology Widening Opportunity Gaps Between Rich and Poor Kids?

D. Group presentations

E. Debrief
- What are the implications of the digital divide?
  • know students and adapt lessons to meet their needs with technology
  • cannot assume students have tech at home
  • use class time to help understand technology
  • schools access
  • provide similar opportunities for success
  • what community resources are available -
  • How can they print?
  • Know your resources
- How does technology use differ between high and low SES schools?

- What are you going to do about these issues?
  • see how padlet wall
School Technology Inventory