"Good video games build into their very designs good learning principles and we should use these principles, with or without games, in schools, workplaces, and other learning sites." ~ James Paul Gee

  • Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan
  • eFolio
  • Graduate Student Projects
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  • Identify skills students need to be successful in an online class
  • Identify skills teachers need to be successful in an online class
  • Identify the benefits games bring to a learning environment
  • Define Flow
  • Identify learning elements found in games

Wrapping up Online Learning

Its a race...

Teacher Skills

Student Skills

Flow State
Lets play this game.

What is Flow?

Flow Resources collected by Larry Ferlazzo

Evaluating Games
Play the game that you brought with you to class or another from the options below. As you play complete this chart for the game you are playing, identifying if your game contains the 16 learning elements Gee identifies as being in good games. If you do not finish this in class, you are expected to complete it for homework. (Note - there are multiple pages to fill out.)