• Multimedia projects are graded - awesome work
  • Online Assessment is due by next class - questions?
  • Technology Lesson plan is due after that
  • Schedule still in flux - depends on how today goes

  • Experience a synchronous online learning opportunity
  • Experience an asynchronous online learning opportunity
  • Identify the positive and negative elements of synchronous and asynchronous online learning opportunities
  • Define blended learning

Assessment Technology Presentations
  1. NoRedInk
  2. Socrative
  3. Quia
  4. TurnItIn
  5. Poll Everywhere

After each presentation use this link to submit your votes.

Assessment Wrap Up - DATA!

Online Learning Experiences
Organize yourselves in a line going from the person who has taken the most online classes to the person who has taken the least without talking.

Speed Dating - Online Learning Style

Reading and Writing in an online discussion board -

Definition of Blended Learning - Clayton Christensen Institute

Virginia High School Graduation Requirements - Note the second bullet point

Student Skills For Online Learning Success

Teacher Skills for Online Learning Success

The Most Needed Competency for Online Instructors - Academic Impressions
iNACOL - National Standards for Quality Online Teaching