Share the quote from your summary that Mr. Pantazes selected with everyone in your group. Then as a group try to identify the key theme or idea that is the common thread among your quotes. Be prepared to share this key idea with the rest of the class.


"These articles suggest that for technology to be effective, it must be modern and teachers must know how to use it. Social media and the Internet have become so prevalent that teachers should use them to make their lessons more engaging. If teachers do not know how to use the technology that is available to them, though, it will end up being a detriment rather than a beneficial tool." - Jenny H.

I think the reports collectively suggest that the use of technology in the classroom in order to enhance learning has increased, and will continue to increase. ” - Leah R

“All-in-all, these reports suggest that the internet and online content will continue to grow in prominence in the classroom in the coming years. Curriculums will need to be adjusted to take into account and take advantage of student familiarity and use of online devices.” - Zack P.

“Also, teachers must be sure not to use technology just more the sake of it, one make sure there is added value in using technology.” - Emily

“innovations and initiatives in technology use for educational purposes not only have the potential to provide benefits to students but also to their parents/guardians as these programs bring technology into households where the adults may not have otherwise used computers as much or at all.” - Daniel B.

Our Big Idea or Key Theme is:

Technology is going to continue to increase in prominence: the question is, how are teachers going to adapt to that?