• Describe a flipped classroom and the role of teachers and students in this strategy
  • Identify benefits and challenges of a flipped classroom
  • Develop accountability and assessment strategies for a flipped classroom
  • Identify ways technology can be used to support a flipped classroom
  • Create a flipped classroom lesson
  • Evaluate a flipped classroom lesson

Class Overview:

  • Logistics
  • Guest instructor Ali Briggs
    • GoSoapBox (Access Code: 772-128-303)
    • Think-Pair-Share
    • Collaborative review
    • Group and class discussions
    • Check for understanding
    • Create a flipped lesson: Flipped Lesson Plan Template
    • Evaluate a flipped lesson
    • Exit ticket

Additional Resources:

Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day (book overview and video interviews of the authors)
7 Things You Should Know About... Flipped Classrooms (article)
A Teacher Learns the Ropes "Flipping" Instructions (excerpt from School Administrator)
Flipped Learning Resources (TONS of resources compiled by Ed Tech Consultant Dan Spencer
Professional Development (get certified in Flipped Classrooms and more from Sophia.org; certifications endorsed by Capella University)