“The single greatest effect on student achievement is not race, it is not poverty — it is the effectiveness of the teacher.” ~~ Harry K. Wong

  • School Tech Inventory (the never ending assignment)
  • Copyright / Internet Safety Project

  • Explain how internet safety impacts your teaching
  • Explain CIPA and why it matters to you as a teacher
  • Define UDL
  • Identify the three aspects of UDL
  • Articulate how the UDL aspects influence instruction

Internet Safety Part II
Last week we brainstormed some Internet Safety Topics on a Lino board. What are our key takeaways?
  • About ads?
  • About websites?
  • About what students post on the internet?
  • About search?
  • About information students find on the internet?
  • About Cyberbullying?

In pairs - review the CIPA website and then prepare a visual that conveys the key ideas of the CIPA reading.
Free Technology For Teachers - Five Good Online Tools for Creating InfoGraphics
Our CIPA Visual Products


What is UDL?

Identifying UDL Practices
How well does this teacher apply UDL?

  • Multiple forms of presentation
  • Working in groups to facilitate discussion
  • Open-ended problem (not one correct answer)
  • Modeling/examples
  • Guidance in chart (handout)
  • Different genres/reading levels
  • Hands-on activity
  • Critical thinking/analysis

  • Movement (none)
  • Text heavy lecture
  • Boring lecture... zzzz (not engaging)
  • Leading questions from teacher (demonstration)
  • ESL students?? How would they fare in this activity? CONTEXT
  • Only one form of assesment
  • Teacher talks too fast!
  • Full class participation?

Content Specific UDL
What did we find?

KWL to Exit